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What did You Do on The Last Holiday?

Read the following dialogue!
Jhon:Hi DeasyI haven’t seen you for ages. Where have you been? 
Deasy:Hi, Jhon. I have just visited my granny abroad. 
Jhon:Oh, I see. But wait… I think you’ve visited your grandma before, haven’t you?
Deasy:Yes, I have visited her three times this year. She was sick two weeks ago so we went to America again. 
Jhon:How is your grandma now? 
Deasy:She is better. She is in my house now. 
Jhon:Really? How long has she been here? 
Deasy:She has been here for three days. Actually she has missed her children and grandchildren. That’s why she was sick. 
Jhon:Oh, sickness because of missing people she loves. I guess she will be well soon. Send my warm regard to your grandmother. 
Deasy:I think so. Okay, I will send it to her. Thanks, Jhon.
Jhon:You’re welcome. 

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